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PictureVivi Jane30 Dec 04:38 reported the problem

Okay, so I'm trying to remove the vocals from a song, and the demo listen sounds great. But when I save the audio on to my computer, it cuts in and out and it sounds like complete shit. Why is this happening? Why can't I get the same audio as the demo listen? I would really appreciate a reply ASAP. Thanks.

Дима Мельник 03 Jan 03:37

Looks like a problem with the browser. Try to use Chrome, please.

PhotoYésica Mendoza (Τζέσικα Μεντόζα)13 Oct 03:34 expressed the thanks

Es sin dudas, un sitio fabuloso...

Es ideal para convertir tus canciones en pistas para karaoke.

GRACIAS A LOS CREADORES y en General a todos los que
colaboraron para que VOCAL REMOVER exista...!11

Дима Мельник 17 Oct 19:50


PictureДима Мельник09 Sep 18:12 expressed the thanks

Please ask any questions here ;)