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mildred highcock16 Jun 22:08 reported the problem

Hi there - GREAT site - one problem, when I try and download the change tempo - the track which played fine in the preview is silent when I listen back to it - any ideas??
The vocal remover one makes me very happy

Yimin Fan06 Jun 06:43 asked the question

Hi.I like your Job. It's amazing and excellent. Are you interesting with making money with your technology?
I'm a coder in China. China is a big market. There are a lot of people need your remover. They wants music without vocal, especially for the parents looking for music for children to sing in a children Competition.
We can make a app together, then we will be rich.
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Landon Shepard16 Apr 16:16 reported the problem

not good

David Zuric14 Apr 09:36 suggested the idea

What and excellent online tool. Thank you so much. The best. is there a way now to remove the led guitar as well?

Pablo hero12 Mar 18:25 asked the question


Revana Pizza06 Mar 17:43 reported the problem

The vocal extractor is probably the single worst audio processing tool I have ever used.

wyatt molde05 Mar 18:37 reported the problem

The converter works on mobile, but the save function does not. Any way to perhaps allow mobile users to save their stuff? I am using chrome on an iPad.

adbro designs14 Jan 09:40 suggested the idea

I'm not a singer, but one day I just want to try a song, and when I looked for a karaoke maker, there was 100s of paid and ad softwares, but this is an awesome complete free website, and when there is, everyone is nothing, it has lot of options like extractor, recording with karaoke, and lot..,

Some of you may be not able to "save" the karaoke if you are using the "Microsoft Edge", it will just show loading and nothing will happen, use "Chrome" Browser for if this error happened to you.

Thank you so much for this free website dear Team ;)

Robert Evans02 Jan 05:13 reported the problem

Great idea you've created here and it successfully removed the vocals, however when I tried to save it I could not find where it saved the new file. I don't think it did. It would be complete if the new file could be saved on my computer.

adbro designs 14 Jan 09:41

Some of you may be not able to "save" the karaoke if you are using the "Microsoft Edge", it will just show loading and nothing will happen, use "Chrome" (suggested) or any other Browser if this error happened to you.

Thank you Robert Evans.

slinkeepy31 Dec 20:05 expressed the thanks

This site is incredible -- I see no adds, no donate link, nothing. It seems... too pure for the internet! Just want to say thanks, and wonder if you wrote all this code, or just collected from open sources?

Aot dylan ita20 Dec 21:37 suggested the idea

add remove song and keep vocals plz

adbro designs 14 Jan 09:44
Hi Aot, Please use the second blue button called "Vocal Extractor" from left side of the page, or use the above given link to remove music and keep vocals only,
Thank you

Karl Ivers17 Dec 17:48 reported the problem

I can still here the vocals on the track when I use Vocal remover.
I used an MP3 file but do need to use a different file type?

Kathy A Chambers 22 Dec 17:23


Ariana Slay Grande MSP24 Nov 22:36 reported the problem

Can you fix the Vocal Remover & Extractor plzzz!

Дима Мельник 25 Nov 19:18

It's work fine. What problems do you have?

Ariana Slay Grande MSP 25 Nov 23:56

i try to use vocal extractor i can still hear the music playing

Landon Shepard12 Nov 19:05 reported the problem

make it perfict

Shishu Kumar Soren30 Oct 13:15 asked the question

how to dwonlaod after making the karoke

Дима Мельник 04 Nov 02:09

Click button "Save" (in the bottom) after recording.

adbro designs 14 Jan 09:45

Some of you may be not able to "save" the karaoke if you are using the "Microsoft Edge", it will just show loading and nothing will happen, use "Chrome" (suggested) or any other Browser if this error happened to you.
Thank you Shishu Kumar Soren

the person that plays games for his fans28 Oct 19:21 reported the problem

Good but vocal extractor does not work plz fix it

E_ Shell14 Aug 01:40 asked the question

Its good but still can hear d voice,😢

Sruti28 Jul 08:44 suggested the idea

pls add vocal extractor

Дима Мельник 10 Aug 13:52

Try this experimental service

Landon Shepard07 May 14:06 suggested the idea

can you make it succsessfuly with the music to sound normal and 100%ly remove voices

Дима Мельник 10 Aug 13:53

Pls try now remove vocal with stereo effect.

JIS Media05 May 18:00 expressed the thanks

It was a great project !!! Thanks for providing this and a thumbs up for your efforts. Loved it..

Debabrata Basu15 Apr 07:34 asked the question

best solution

Дима Мельник 25 Apr 16:16

i'm happy to help you :)

Unikitty & Tristian!15 Apr 02:47 expressed the thanks

Wow! This really helped! Thank you so much!

Дима Мельник 25 Apr 16:10

Thank you!

Mohammed Mahdi07 Apr 06:30 expressed the thanks

Perfect, works well and I loved it.
Also, how can I support you guys?

Дима Мельник 25 Apr 16:16

Very glad to hear this. Thank you :)

Ajith Varikkolil02 Mar 17:43 reported the problem

Did not work, vocal still could be heard

Дима Мельник 07 Mar 20:09

Unfortunately it works not for every song. Result quality depends on the mixing of the vocals in the original track.

TESSA HOUSTON01 Mar 15:26 reported the problem

i like to make people inspired

Proce Cruzantos18 Feb 06:09 reported the problem

Hi! This is a very good free on line Music software operating system. However, there are still some problems to make it really useable.
a) Karaoke ---

1) There are no sound (mixer) adjustments to properly mix the voice with the accompaniment music.
2) No provision for echo and it's control.
3) Seems there is Lag in sync of voice with music

Anyway appreciate the free service provided.

Thank You

Дима Мельник 07 Mar 20:17

Hi! Thank you for your comment here. I've planned to add some new effects soon. Probably it will be echo (with some controls) and controls for convolver/reverberation.

«Lag in sync of voice with music» is related to hardware latency. But you can adjust shift after singing to fix this issue.

Opem Opemo16 Feb 11:52 expressed the thanks

Thank you so much! I can't believe it. Thank you! I hope you guys the best!

Дима Мельник 19 Feb 17:59

Very glad to hear this. Thank you!

Vivi Jane30 Dec 04:38 reported the problem

Okay, so I'm trying to remove the vocals from a song, and the demo listen sounds great. But when I save the audio on to my computer, it cuts in and out and it sounds like complete shit. Why is this happening? Why can't I get the same audio as the demo listen? I would really appreciate a reply ASAP. Thanks.

Дима Мельник 03 Jan 03:37

Looks like a problem with the browser. Try to use Chrome, please.

Yésica Mendoza (Τζέσικα Μεντόζα)13 Oct 03:34 expressed the thanks

Es sin dudas, un sitio fabuloso...

Es ideal para convertir tus canciones en pistas para karaoke.

GRACIAS A LOS CREADORES y en General a todos los que
colaboraron para que VOCAL REMOVER exista...!11

Дима Мельник 17 Oct 19:50


Дима Мельник09 Sep 18:12 expressed the thanks

Please ask any questions here ;)